I love Halloween.  I am always shocked when I hear about people who don’t go out or dress up for Halloween.  I just don’t get it.  I have several years worth of costumes planned at any given moment.  Most of my friends are stellar costumers and it’s always so fun to see what everyone dresses up as.  Now that I have a kid, I’m taking full advantage of the fact that she doesn’t know she can suggest costumes and dressing her as I would like.  Here is a picture of Ramona last year, as Steve Martin.

The white suit still fit this year and Ramona still has no idea that she can demand to dress as Dora or a Princess or something (I will die when that happens), so I made her a shoddily constructed werewolf hat and gloves and she went as Teen Wolf in the dance scene.  It was pretty awesome.  I have a habit of only dressing as dudes from the 80s for Halloween (I’ll do a post of my costumes later) and apparently I’m forcing it onto my daughter as well.  I REALLY hope that the suit still fits and she doesn’t mind me picking her costume again next year (and dressing as a man) because how cute would a little Colonel Sanders or Boss Hog be?

Waiting patiently to start the donut game.Keep your eyes on the prize, sweet pea.

So tempting

Victory! (She didn't win, but a powdered donut is victory enough)

REALLY happy. Kind of scary.

Watch out, we're dealing with a bad ass here.

I was so hoping she would dunk it

So how about you, do you torture your kids with outdated costumes or otherwise live vicariously through them? Do you think I have any chance of getting to pick next years costume?