Sunday Baby Style

I’ll admit it.  I’m living vicariously through my daughter, wardrobe wise at least.    Here are some of her cutest outfits from the recent past and where to find them.  In the future, I am going to try to just post the outfits from the week, but to start out, here is the highlight reel.

Sweater: Dwell Studios for Target, Dress/Leggings: Genuine Baby (from Target), Socks: Baby Gap

Tights & Hat: Baby Gap, Shirt: Circo (from Target), Skirt: Old Navy, Legwarmers: My Little Legs (From Amazon), Sweater: Genuine Baby (from Target)

Skirt and Shirt: Baby Gap, Leg Warmers: My Little Legs (from Amazon), Socks: Trumpette

PJs: Circo (from Target)

Hat: Target, Sweater: BlaBla, Jeans: Baby Gap, Shoes:Robeez

Hat: Old Navy, Vest: Genuine Baby (from Target), Jean Jacket, Checked Dress and Jeans: Baby Gap, Socks: Trumpette (and apparently too small)

Hat: Handmade gift, Sweater: Dwell Studios for Target, Onesie and Jumper: Carters, Tights: Baby Gap

Shoes: Robeez, Jeans: Baby Gap, Shirt: Imps and Elves, Sweater: Genuine Baby (Target)

With any new feature on Sheriff Peanut, we appreciate your feedback.  Is this a stupid idea for a regular thing and you hate it and want to stab me in the eye?  Is this the best thing that has ever happened to you?   Let us know in the comments!