Scaredy Cat

You guys, I’m scared of everything. It’s only recently, but the last few years, I am terrified of everything. This year is particularly bad. I’m afraid of pesticides, I’m afraid of guns/mass shootings/school shootings/police shootings, I’m afraid of cancer, I’m afraid of my kids being molested, I’m afraid of Donald Trump, I’m afraid of Ben Carson, I’m afraid of Isis, I’m afraid of the polar ice caps melting, I’m afraid of running out of fresh water, I’m afraid of EVERYTHING. I never was like this before.  I blame my kids and I blame social media and whatever it is, I hate it.

My mom told me that my dad’s mom told her how scared she had been when my father was born, she was scared of bringing a baby into this screwed up world.  That was 76 years ago.  So, I guess you never escape it.

Do you guys feel like this? Tell me everything is going to be ok.

Dia De Los Muertos

I had a temporary baby sitting job in Oak Park recently, so Felix, my charge, and I spent a LOT of time at the Oak Park library kids section.  Man, that library is awesome.  One of the very cool things they do is the Ideabox.  It’s a small glass fronted room in the lobby of the library which used to be a cafe, maybe even a convenience store in the past, and now it is vacant.  The theme of the room changes monthly with an interactive display. I’ve seen it as a faux camp site, origami station, land of the giants- check out their Flickr page here for all the amazing installations. Every month is a beautiful, creative, visually stimulating installation.

In October, the installation was called Recuerdame, which means “Remember me” in Spanish. It was a Dia De Los Muertos tribute in stunning colors. There were slips of brightly colored paper on which you wrote your loved one a note, a poem, or even just their name, and clipped it to the wall with a cute lil’ green clothespin.  Ramona and I visited the Idea Box and I asked if she had someone she would like to honor on a slip. She thought for half a second and said she would like to fill out a slip for G.G.  You guys. G.G. is her great grandmother (hence the nickname), my grandmother. She died just over three years ago at 100 years old. Ramona was two and a half. I have no idea how she remembers her, but it made my heart explode.  R.I.P. G.G., you are remembered. IMG_0909 IMG_0910 IMG_0912 IMG_0913

Yeah, she’s totally pointing at the wrong one. IMG_0914See the library’s much better, more vibrant pics here. This installation is up until 11/25/15.


Three Things Thursday

Here’s a new thing I want to try. Every Thursday, I am going to recommend three things that I like.  Just things. No category needed.  I don’t think it needs more introduction than that.

1. W/ Bob and David

I was, am, and forever will be a huge Mr. Show fan. This new Netflix series brings back most of the ol’ gang (Even Tom Kenny, Spongebob Squarepants himself (or as I prefer to think of him, Binky The Clown)) and it is still absurd and hilarious and wonderful.  Two beefs- there are only 4 episodes and Bob Odenkirk’s acting has gotten waaaaay better. I loved his horrible accents. Check it out if you have Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix, why don’t you? It’s cheap.

2. Snoofy Bee changing pad

I just got this yesterday and it’s already changed my life.  Felix is big into… exploring his body…while I’m changing him. Especially if it’s #2. Which suuuuuuucks.  This changing pad has a built in ‘cone of shame’ like your dog has to wear, so baby can’t get his hands into the poop.  It folds up slimmer than our portable pad too.  Right now, it’s still novel, so Felix doesn’t even wiggle cause he’s so into whatever this weird new thing is. I can’t say it will permanently solve that problem, but there are also little snaps to attach toys to it. Also, the fabric is super cute.  This is not a paid endorsement (how does one get those, anyway?), but it was the first Kickstarter I ever participated in. Man, that was an excruciating wait.  Anyway, this is tops on my list of must haves for any new mom.  Move over, Nosefreida. Get one herephoto-original

3. Cream Cheese

Add a schmear of cream cheese on top of whatever cheese you are using next time you make a grilled cheese sandwich. TRUST ME.

Ok, that’s it for the first edition of ThThTh. What do you think?


Big Bear Update

Remember when I posted about the Big Bear from Costco? Sure you do, it was last week. Here.

Well, listen. I may only have four readers on this blog, but apparently they are movers and shakers because look what was at the library yesterday, just waiting for us to climb on it.


I gotta admit. It’s pretty dang comfy and cute. I still don’t want it in my house though.

House Paintin’

It’s taken me a long time to get used to this house. I like two kinds of houses. Super modern or super vintage. Until this joint, I’ve never lived anywhere built after 1935.  I’ve never lived anywhere that didn’t have stained glass. This house was built in 1957 and is just kind of garbage.  We loved the location and the yard initially and numbers of baths/beds and the price was right (sort of), which was why we bought it. Slowly, we have been making it ours. I can hang now. I like the open floor plan.  I like the kitchen lay out (still hate the tile, cabinets, and granite). I like having a bathroom in our bedroom. I love all the light. Finally got the fireplace fixed so that rules.

There are things that suck and won’t ever get better. Like the storage issue. As in, there is none. That’s not going to change, but hopefully purging will make it better.

On the list of stuff to fix, the laundry nook, the tile in the tv room, the Olive Garden inspired mess we refer to as the bathrooms, and the exterior are the big ones.  We finally got to cross one off the list. We painted the outside.

Before we painted, Paul hung up these lights.  It was a dream come true. I was so, so, so excited.


AAAAAAND that lasted ONE day, until the squirrels ate through the strands. Not only did they not work, but they smashed to the ground and they are glass. Squirrels 2 Us 0 (they also ate our hammock last year).

So, back to painting. Carole and I painted the front half and one side, one coat. That was all we could get to that day. Then I didn’t have a day that I had child care/Paul or time or or or or….so it sat. But the front looked good, so I was cool with it.




I still don’t love the faux stone, nor do I love it with the dark gray, but it’s leaps and bounds better than it was.

Apparently, thinking about my half finished house was driving my father bonkers though, so he decided to take action. He came down with all his equipment and started painting the rest of the house himself.  It took two weekends, it was mostly my dad with me and Paul tagging in whenever Felix was asleep or both of us were home.

We did the peak a slightly lighter color. I love it.


I wasn’t planning on painting the back of the house. It’s vinyl siding, I didn’t know you could use the same paint, but with a little research (asking my cousin who used to work for Sherwin-Williams at a family wedding), we determined we could use the same paint.  So we went for it. I’m glad we did. It looks so much better.



(we keep a very tidy yard)



We still need to do the trim (white) and paint our weird, wooden chimney. Getting there though!

Halloween 2015

And here we are.  This year’s Halloween costumes.  Ramona choose this years costumes, at least for her and Felix, and I was so proud.  Initially, she wanted her costume and Felix’s to be switched, but ‘we’ decided that it would be better the other way around.  These were probably the easiest costumes I have ever made, even if I did have a few freak outs about Ramona’s.
And without further ado, I present you Slimer and Stay Puft!IMG_0819

Goddamn, they are cute.

Later, Louis and Dana…I mean Zuul… joined up with them.



I hate that laundry room. I gotta get better about ‘photo styling’. IMG_0836

One big, happy, bad guys from Ghostbusters family.


And yes, we already have next years costumes picked out and it’s gonna be spectacular.

Visit the costumes of Halloween past here herehere, and here!

Halloween 2014

(One last post from yesteryear. Made this, then realized my blog wasn’t loading pictures, which is kinda the point. After this, posts will be made in real time-ish-ness, so here’s last years halloween!)

This Halloween was super special.  It was our first with Felix, it was the first time Ramona chose her costume (sort of), and it was the first year without the White Suit.  It was a little weird not to have the White Suit Constraints.  We bounced around a few ideas- Peanuts characters with Felix as Charlie Brown, The Monkees, The Log Lady and other Twin Peaks characters (don’t steal that one, some day it will happen), and we (I should say “we”) finally settled on characters from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure-  Mickey and Pee Wee in the getaway car scene for Paul and I (undetermined who would be who) and Simone the Waitress and Andy the Lumberjack for Ramona and Fee. Ramona had a different request.  She wanted to be Chairy from Pee Wee’s Playhouse.  HELL YES! Switching gears to Playhouse characters was easy. Obviously I am already a huge Pee Wee Herman fan and it took me about five seconds to decide what Felix was going to be.  A quick internet search for “Lime green hooded footie baby pajamas” actually resulted in the perfect base for his Pterri costume. Costumes for me and Paul were a little trickier.  Pee Wee and Miss Yvonne?  Too obvious, plus I would have to find a pretty specific suit.  The Dinosaur family? The Puppet Band?  For a hot minute, I thought Paul would be Randy, but what about meeeeeee?  I don’t know why Cap’n Carl and Cowboy Curtis didn’t occur to me sooner, but they were the perfect costumes to complete the scene. Even if no one knew who I was.

IMG_3420 IMG_3466


I am obviously proud of all the costumes I’ve fashioned for Ramona in the past, but MAN, I topped myself this year.  No brag.  Just a healthy Halloween self esteem. However, as usual, I needed a simpler, more trick or treating friendly (even though we didn’t go because it was freezing rain/hail out) costume, since Chairy was pretty difficult for Ramona to maneuver in.  A few phone calls to borrow a baby sized white suit and a curly wig and viola! The white suit legacy is still intact!IMG_4294

Visit the costumes of Halloween past here , here, and here!

Welcome To My Nightmare

Have you seen the 93″ (that’s almost 8 feet tall) bear from Costco that the internet is freaking out about?! maxresdefault

I can’t figure out for the life of me why ANYONE would want to buy this. How much room do you have in your house? How long til it’s just in the way and a huge pain in the ass? HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE THAT YOU CAN JUSTIFY THE $280 PRICE TAG?!  I would like to hug one next time I am at Costco, sure.  But seriously.  How do you get it home? How do you get it out of your home? I have enough trouble with the regular stuffed animals at my house.  GAAAAH.


Today, Ramona, Felix, and their cousins (and their parents) went to the pumpkin patch. We had a great time, as usual.  Even though we have had this meet up annually for the last three years, this is the first time we actually CARVED the pumpkin we brought home.  In years past, it just sat around, rotting, waiting for us to find the time. This year, we made sure to do it tonight so our pumpkin wouldn’t meet the sad, rotten, moldy past as those who came before him.  Here’s some pictures.  Ramona helped scoop, Paul did the carving. I watched, because carving pumpkins is probably the one Halloweeny thing that I don’t care for. From the looks of it, Ramona might be following in my footsteps.  PS sorry the pics are so crummy. WHATEVER. IMG_0684IMG_0686IMG_0688


(this is another post I started 11 months ago- added to it a little)

Anyone who has no kids has no idea how having a child will change their life. Images of sleepless nights, screaming babies, teething, diaper rash are all valid suckinesses of parenting- and one that anyone can imagine with dread.  The bonuses of parenting are less tangible and impossible to put into words.  Of course, it’s not limited to parents only, I felt the heartbreak of being away from  ’my baby’ after flying home from caring for my baby niece for 2 weeks.  It’s a feeling akin to lovesickness mixed with pride.  And other stuff that I’m not smart enough to put into words.

Even knowing what you know about that aching feeling that is love for your child, there seems to be a nervousness in most of my friends when it comes to the topic of a second child.  You already love your first more than you ever realized you could love another person, how could there possibly be more love in your heart?  I get it.  But there is.

If I am to be totally honest, even though having a second child was intentional, I was super bummed about having a boy.  I don’t know why, other than we have enjoyed Ramona so much, I guess I wanted Ramona Junior. We would have even named a baby girl that.  Just kidding. I think other people’s enthusiasm upon hearing that you are going to ‘complete the set’ (meaning  having the opposite gender of the child you already have) was even more salt in my wounds.  Luckily, even though I was an irrational whiner about it, I KNEW that the second he was born, I wouldn’t care what gender he was. I knew I would be totally in love. Annnnnnd I am. SO SO SO MUCH.

So, what I am saying is, if you are thinking about another, don’t worry that you won’t be as into the second as you are the first.  You might not be as insanely obsessed with him or her as people are with their first, but you will adore them as much. IMG_0146I love Felix every bit as much as I love Ramona.  She loves Felix. He loves her.  We all love each other (for now, anyway).  It’s so great. We’re so glad we added him to our roster.